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This is a timeline of events in Peppa Pig. The series takes place during 2014.

The queen Mother only appears once in peppa pig,s episode as a statue it loves people takes pics of it and in many peppa,s books to but mainly shows in London cartoon series


  • 1973 - Daddy Pig was born.
  • 2128 - George gets a new dinosaur.
  • 2159 - Peppa gave birth to millions
  • 2190 - The year George died from a dinosaur attack.
  • 2200 - Peppa gets shot by Mummy pig
  • 2201 - Mummy pig gave birth to a trans named Booben Herlambang Titta
  • 2201 - Mummy pig shoots herself
  • 2201 - Impact from Mummy pig's fall has created the mightiest earthquake
  • 2202 - The universe it self disapears


  • According to ArthurCox on a Reddit AMA, the whole series takes place over the course of one summer.