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The Picnic is a Season 1 episode.


Eating picnics are great.


Peppa Pig is getting ready for the picnic. They leave for the picnic. Suzy makes an appearance. Mummy thinks it's Saturday. Peppa says today's Thursday. She says it's time for school. Suzy arrives at school. It was bus 52. Suzy and Peppa's friendship is breaking apart. Madame Gazelle isn't here. Will Peppa see the light or fall fictim to the dark side. It was 1965, Peppa and Suzy have a race. Just before the two of them can win, Alan Cumming, Legendary actor was born. Suzy doesn't know what to say. She pops Peppa's clothes with a needle. Peppa had been doing this all wrong. Peppa puts her clothes back on. When it was 12 o'clock, Suzy came back with fireballs. Peppa says that Suzy can't break what's already broken. Peppa says "Say good night, Suzy". Before Suzy is defeated, she died after she got zapped by Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig says that Suzy has died peacefully in her sleep. She says they got to get her to the hospital later because in the meantime, they had a picnic. Later then on, they jumped in muddy puddles and it got on Suzy's forehead. During the end credits, Suzy has fireballs on her back.


  • This is the first episode who has people to die.
  • Also the first episode of Peppa Pig.