The Pet is the 6th episode of Peppa Bauernfeind.


Teensy has been adopted by Peppa.


It all starts out when Peppa and Mummy are walking off to the Pet Store. After the title card appears, the entrance is right inside and inside and inside until the found the Pet Shopper. He has to keep everyone's hand to their S.E.L.V.E.S (Satisfied Everyday Loving life Very much Everyday Satisfied). After the commercial break, Mummy Bauernfeind asks the Pet Shopper to get a pet fish. Stuffing going in Peppa's mouth, she named them Don, Dai, Goo, Plu, Min, and Mic. And now Peppa feels like to faint. Jim Carrey played the voice of Pet Shopper. They got a pet fish named Teensy. Peppa was running fastest to get home. But she bumped into Chloe and Alexander was not in the Bauernfeind family yet. They've got a pet fish. It was An unnamed wife for Teensy. My Best Buddy is an not sung. Peppa showered when she got home. Peppa showered day and night. Until she got a shower bench to sit down. Peppa went to Chloe's and Chloe sees Peppa, it turns out that Peppa is now a naked bauernfeind pig. Giving away Teensy was just a day away. But a mighty naked Peppa ran across the house. She was losing control. Banging left, slaming right. Banging, bashing, what a sight! Peppa was still naked, but she know has must be done. It was up to her. She was the one. With Peppa's naked time machine, she traveled back 1922. And she got back in time, but her machine was going forwards from 1920's to 2020's. Her naked time machine has been crushed. During the end credits, Teensy and his wife had been reunited together at sea.


  • Showers.


  • We should not be naked in public.


  • Jollybells are around during an October episode.


(not showing) is a signal that a character isn't showing in the episode.