The Little Guy is a 12th episode of Peppa Bauernfeind.


Peppa's friend, Pedro from the 2004 television series Peppa Pig, comes to Peppa Bauernfeind.


It starts out with Mrs. Pony dropping off Pedro Pony at Peppa's house. He whistles Jingle Bells meeting Peppa. Mummy Bauernfeind is talking that she'll give Daniel a moisture thingy to stop his nose bleeding. Pedro calls Peppa "Mrs. Peppa, Lady". She got his nickname Pedrobean and Pedrosauce. After the commercial break, Pedro got a ride to a boring resturant. He's got to wait for the waitress, wait for his food. He got to wait, and Wait and WAIT! He pretended to have an old man beard. He falls off the couch and tells Peppa to save his life. She saved Pedro's life when Pedro is drowning. He saved Peppa's life when George was fake attacking Peppa. She is reading a peppernose book about elves. But Pedro is readed the book pretty fast. So Peppa sent Pedro off to go get some firewood. Peppa yelled at Pedro "GET THIS FIREWOOD OUTTA HERE NOW!!!!" and her voice echoes back. When Dinner came, Peppa accidentally gave Pedro a cookie and setted him free. Daddy Pig said "It does make sence to give a cookie and be set free." During the end credits, Peppa red a letter from Pedro and got a moisture thingy for Daniel's nose. That was the first and only time for Daniel to be mentioned.


  • Peppa made a flashback in The Pet.



  • All we have to do was to give a cookie to set people free.


(No showing) is a signal that doesn't show in the episode.