The Day / The Night is a DVD that was released on Disney DVD October 14, 2014.


  1. The Day
  2. The Night
  3. The Lonely Planet
  4. The Brainstorm
  5. The Toddler
  6. The Fancy Party
  7. The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!
  8. The Void
  9. The Party Animal
  10. The Gift 2: the Giftening

My Turn on Disney JuniorEdit

Announcer: Now, It's my turn. Today, we'll hear about Peppa Bauernfeind: The Day / The Night. New on Disney DVD.

Alex: Hi, my name is Alex, and it's my turn about Peppa and her family going to her uncle's (laughs)

Peppa: Wake up, Alexander!

Alex: She tries to wake Alexander up, but he got up! 

Alexander: (crying)

Alex: Exept for him crying. How cute! (laughs)

Alex: My favorite part was Daddy Bauernfeind walking Alexander to sleep in his stroller 50 times. (laughs)

(Police siren sounding; Alexander crying)

Miss Rabbit: (silence talking)

Alex: My favorite part also is when Auntie Pig said "Don't forget the alarm!" but Daddy woke everyone up.

(Queen Entozoa coughing at the age of 1,000) 

Alex: 400.

Alex: And everyone had a good night! (laughs)

Announcer: Now it's your turn. You can watch Peppa Bauernfeind: The Day / The Night on Disney DVD. Includes your very own Peppa house.

Oh My God CharacterEdit

He is the recurring character at the beggining of the Night episode.



Goofy was mentioned by Peppa.


The DVD is at Walmart.

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