The Birthday Boy is the 16th episode.


Today's Alexander Bauernfeind's birthday.


It starts when Peppa is sitting on a chair and reaches up a human nose on the right. After the title card appears, Peppa gets inside and takes her clothes off. Alexander's looking at a human and gasps horrorly since the October episode. He pees his pants and Uncle and Auntie Bauernfeind change his diaper. Daddy Pig is reading the newspaper. He hears laughing coming from Peppa. He enters the human's right part of the nose and finds a lantern. It appears that Peppa is taking a bath in the Bloody Nose Hot Tub. Peppa eats one of the bloody boogers and burps out magic. They get to Grandpa's house to visit. They're celebrating Alexander's birthday too. It turns out that Peppa is covered in blood and not wearing any clothes. Grandpa takes Peppa a tour. Peppa's leaving footprints. Chloe (silent voice) takes $52. It's going a little bit funny. After the commercial break, Uncle Bauernfeind takes out his watch. They played Alexander a lot of birthday games: Limbo, Hot Potato and Musical Chairs. They also raced their son Alexander to the finish line. Peppa and Daddy Bauernfeind came back and Uncle Bauernfeind sees his brother and gives him a hug. At the end, there's a note that says "I love you." During the end credits, Peppa takes a shower.


  • Peppa reached boogers.


  • Chloe spoke not a word.


  • Uncle Bauernfeind checks his watch.