The Balloon Ride is the Peppa Pig episode.


Mrs. Rabbit takes the Pigs on a balloon ride.


It all started when today is the School Fair. Danny Dog wins a toy car. Peppa wants to win the Balloon Ride. Daddy Pig wants to win the homemade chocolate cake. Peppa wins the balloon ride. Miss Rabbit gets her goggles on. Teddy and Mr. Dinosaur are welcomed. Daddy Pig lifted himself up. That was the first time Miss Rabbit ever flown before. Daddy likes map reading but that map is a bit difficult. The sky is gone. Daddy Pig says "Where just flying through a cloud." The sky is back. Peppa sung the song Big Balloon, Big Bigger Balloon. She dropped Teddy and Daddy uses the anchor so that Teddy can be saved. They can't see what they're going. They're stuck on a tree. They got to Granny and Grandpa Pig's house. Miss Rabbit called their names and they helped them by get unstuck. They landed on the ground floor. Daddy Pig says to Peppa "Homemade chocolate is supposed to be celebrated by someone you care about. You know what, That balloon ride didn't care for us once. Whatever Miss Rabbit would be, she could take a hike. I know homemade chocolate cakes are know and it's you Peppa. Thanks for giving me the best day ever." Granny Pig has homemade chocolate cake and everybody ate it. During the end credits, they're was a reprise of Big Balloon, Big Bigger Balloon.


  • Pigs debut in this episode: Peppa, George, Mummy, Daddy, Granny, Grandpa


  • Meg Hall as Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep


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