The Baby Piggy is the Peppa Pig episode.


The new cousin is a tiny baby piggy.


It all started when the Pigs are going to meet their new cousin. Chloe introduces them to their house. The new cousin is a tiny baby piggy. The baby is a boy. It was scared by George's dinosaur and Peppa's ball. The baby eats and sleeps and burps. The name of the baby is Baby Alexander. Alexander's diaper needs changing. The memory when Peppa was a baby, she worn diapers. Peppa said that she did not. Peppa, George and Chloe played in the garden. George pretended to be a baby piggy. Zoe Zebra, Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit and Candy Cat came by to visit. Suzy would like the baby piggy some cookies. Candy said "One cookie for George!". They're saying he's so clever, handsome, funny and the best baby piggy ever. Here is Auntie Pig with Baby Alexander. George was a baby piggy and always be Mummy's baby piggy. The new game was dinosaur chasing. During the end credits, theme song played. In the Balloon Ride DVD, Emmett Brown made an appearance.


  • The games were good. 


  • Meg Hall as Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep
  • Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown

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