Swimming is the Peppa Pig episode.


The Pigs and The Rabbits are going swimming.


Mummy, Daddy, Peppa and George have their bathing suits on. Rebecca and Richard and Mummy Rabbit have their bathing suits. George was scared off the water. George finally was brave. Richard got a watering can to pour on Peppa's head and then he dropped it. Daddy Pig got it. Daddy Pig is going to dive and Peppa yelled out "Don't splash us with water, Daddy!" but he did. The fish, racoon and Daddy have been floating around. Daddy Pig was on the road. Peppa, George, Mummy, Rebecca, Richard and Mummy saved Daddy Pig from the road. Daddy splashed them with water and they dried Daddy Pig up. The music video is PSY's Gangnam Style. Peppa (in bathing suit) dressed as PSY. During the end credits, PSY makes an appearance. 


  • PSY makes an appearance during the end credits.


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