Suzy Sheep is a secondary character of Peppa Pig series. Is Peppa’s friend, Suzy does love Peppa .Suzy’s
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Suzy Sheep in the episode "Pretend Friend"

first appearance was “Best Friend”. Her mother is Mummy Sheep. She wears a nurse’s costume. Suzy Sheep has a toy owl in the blackberry bush. Suzy was riding her bike; she said Mummy Sheep was in the blackberry for 100 years. In the “sleepover”, her pyjamas were red and white with an anchor. In the “secret club” Suzy Sheep was wearing a mask. In “international day” Suzy was dressed up as Switzerland. In “Pedro’s cough” and Suzy cought it. Suzy Sheep is voiced by Meg Hall in all seasons in general. she also as a club called Suzy,s club with Peppa and Twin Rabbits and Candy Cat and George and many others voiced by Meg Hall